Useful advises and tips on how to hire a limo
If you are looking for the luxury service that gives you something different experience and excitement of the royal ride, then limousine is the best option in front of you. Popularity of it is increasing day by day anywhere because this is the best transportation considered for businessmen and tourists’ purpose and all tourists use limousine for getting the feel of luxury and enjoy their journey and trip. This luxurious car is a symbol of proud and it helps you in increasing your status in front of others. There are so many factors that you have to consider before hiring a limousine.

When you are hiring a limousine then first factor that each and every limo company takes into consideration is the time of event or occasion. If you are hiring limousine only some days before, then you don’t get variety and for that you maybe have to pay extra amount. It varies from policies of company to company. The time of hiring the limousine is very much affecting the cost of hiring. If you want to hire limousine not in prom season, then it will be cost effective for you and you get limo in small amount, but if hire it in the peak season of the occasions like Christmas, wedding nights then you will be not found it in cheap budget. The best time to hire limousine is off season and in that you will get discounts and according to your budgets as well.

Next and most important thing is your budget. Limousine is a luxurious car and it is not easy to own it and considered only for rich people. Limo companies make it possible for the people to hire this luxury vehicle according to their budget which suits them best and comes in their requirements.

Another factor is amenities you are taken with the limousine vehicle. Greater number of facilities you get more it price increases. So it depends on your occasion and budget that how much amenities you want to take. Some hire limousine according to their theme. Suppose if you are going for a hen party, then girls mostly hire pink color limousine and with that charges apply. This increases the cost of limousine.

Before hire limo in London, it is good to do some research of the companies that offer prices and limousine according to your budget. Check that the vehicles that they are provided must be in a good condition and must be in warranty in case something goes wrong. Some companies also offer some other packages besides limo.

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Tips on how to hire a limo
You can ride in just about any type of stretch limo for a lot less than you’d expect– if you know how to drive a hard bargain.


1. Assess your finances. A standard limousine (four to six
passengers) will set you back about $40 to $80 per hour; a stretch limo (six to eight passengers) runs slightly more–about $60 to $100 per hour. Both have an hourly minimum of four to five hours (although this is usually negotiable). For specialty limos such as a Mercedes, a Hummer or a superstretch (up to 22 passengers), costs can top out at $3,000 for the night.

2. Research, research, research. Be sure the limo operator is licensed and insured. Decide what type of limo you want (standard, stretch, superstretch or specialty) and for how long, based on the event and the number of people in your party. What are you looking for, whether it’s a bar, stereo, TV and DVD player, video-gaming system, intercom, sunroof, Jacuzzi, or all of that and a bag of chips. Prices may or may not be posted online. You’ll need to do some phone work to get the best deal.

3. Find out the year and make of the limo you’ll be hiring, its condition, and the complimentary amenities before you give a deposit. Be sure the deposit is refundable if the limo doesn’t meet with your satisfaction. Many limo companies will advertise one type of car and show up at your door with something entirely different. Most list photos of their limos on their Web sites. If quality is a top priority, plan a visit to the limo company and reserve the exact limo that suits your needs.

4. Hire a quality driver. This is crucial–a bad driver can ruin your evening. Make sure the drivers are experienced, professional and know the area. Provide an itinerary to the company beforehand so the driver knows where he or she is going and what to expect. When the driver shows up, be sure to communicate any special needs you have.

5. Ask whose responsibility it is to stock the limo with any necessary party favors ahead of time. Some companies will provide everything you need; others expect you to bring your own. Sometimes you can negotiate a lower rate if you offer to stock the bar yourself.

6. Find out if gratuities are included in the rate; regardless, you’ll be expected to tip your driver, so try to keep it separate.

Overall Tips:

Make sure your limo is ample enough to fit everyone comfortably. If you have six passengers, get a car that accommodates eight.

If you want premium liquor, negotiate that up front, or plan to bring your own.

Ask if smoking (or other activities) is allowed. Even if it’s not, most drivers will look the other way if the price is right.

If it’s truly a special occasion, don’t be cheap. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for: Most higher-end limo companies have superior drivers, vehicles and accouterments.

Try to clear everything with your driver in advance. He or she is your captain for the evening and can be your best friend or worst nightmare.

Make sure the limo company and their drivers are properly licensed and insured when making your reservation. This will ensure you are dealing with a reputable company.

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More Tips on Hiring a Limousine Service
  • Check references.Choose an experienced, reputable company with numerous references. If a company can demonstrate that they have successfully operated for many years and has a solid reputation for quality and safety, you are probably in good hands. Contact your BBB for a reliability report.
  • Ask for proof of insurance. Operators should be eager to provide proof of valid, current insurance coverage for their fleet. Be aware that some limousine service providers insure their vehicles under a personal auto policy, if at all. Personal auto insurance policies rarely cover the clients who hire the vehicle.
  • For service taking you or your party across state lines, check with that state for regulation sand compliance. In some states, the vehicle can be stopped and immediately impounded if found not in compliance.
  • Seek quality chauffeurs. A professional chauffeur is equally as important to the success of your event as a nice vehicle. Choose a provider that places a high value on the caliber of their chauffeurs.
  • Get everything in writing. Special occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and proms, commonly require personalized attention to your specific requirements. The more specific your requirements, the further in advance you should reserve and pay for your limousine. When doing so,insist on a written contract that clearly states all details of your reservation.
  • Know your rights. Inquire about the company’s cancellation policy and get a copy in writing.

Look before you buy. If you haven’t used the provider before and time allows, visit the company in person before hiring them. The time to find out what you’re getting is not on the date of the special occasion.

Whether you’re planning transportation for a wedding, prom or for an important business associate or client, being well informed is the key to having a safe and satisfying ride. To reduce the risk of a no-show, getting poor service, or not getting what you expected, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) recommends the following tips before hiring a limousine service provider: